Monday, July 13, 2015

Neon Trees Hit Center Stage Tonight!

1        Brett Lane had a chance to talk with Neon Trees bassist Branden Campbell about health, life, touring and family. His unassuming ways, and humble take on life are refreshing and revealing. If you haven't purchased tickets to see them tonight, don't wait! You will be blown away! 

         1.How is your health now? Are you back 100% from having your heart valve replaced?- has it changed your life or your lifestyle?

 BC: I feel great! I'm 100% and have more energy than before getting my heart valve replaced. This also encourages me to exercise more than I did in the past. I just have to keep moving.

2. At what point did you know that you and Neon Trees had become a success?

BC: I think there’s a different level of success for musicians. Benchmarks, I'd say. And while you can have an event happen, like playing the Tonight Show, or being on the radio for the first time... those events come and go. So for me to gauge true success, or staying power, is to see fans returning time and time again to support us. 

3.     I believe with great success, comes great responsibility. How do you, as an individual, impact society?

BC:  I realize that even if you don't want to be, you still become a role model to people once you're in the public eye. And even if that's only a handful of people in my case, I take that seriously. I hope that in some way, I can encourage others to lead a positive life, and be grateful for the things they do have. It's easy to compare yourself to others, or assume you'll be happier when... But let's enjoy the moment more often!!!

4.     I know you’re a father, (which is probably the hardest and most rewarding job in life) – and your wife Emilie is expecting a girl(?) sometime later this year. How do the two of you manage while you’re touring? Has technology made this part easier?

BC:  I should mention that we don't know if it's a girl yet, but we'd like that! I love technology for the fact of how it helps us keep in touch. I couldn't imagine waiting in line at a truck stop with a stack of dimes for the pay phone. Though I'm nostalgic for the olden golden days of America ;)

5.     How are you the same/different from the person who performs on stage?

 BC:  I try not to make that too confusing for people. I want to be me all of the time. I don't do anything too riotous on stage, that's polarizing to my time time off stage. But since I'm not the person with the mic addressing the crowd, I communicate thru my bass guitar. But I also think it's okay to have fun on stage and not always be so serious. It's only rock n roll, after all.

6.     Finally – finish this sentence: Neon Trees are…

BC:  Many things, but never boring!