Monday, April 20, 2015


SOME 20-year-old media buyers for large ad agencies see magazines as just a bunch of pages. Old hat.  They prefer digital ads and online content. There’s nothing wrong with that, but print still has a place in the hearts of many consumers. 

PRINT IS PREFERRED by many people who like to hold a magazine, feel the glossy paper and relish the bold colors. If you’ve ever had your picture in a magazine and had all your friends comment on it, you KNOW the power of publications.  It’s amazing how impressed people are with something that can be held, handed out or copied to be passed along.  You never know who will go to your web site, but you can definitely mail a copy of a magazine to people you want to know about your business: buyers, opinion makers, corporate decision makers and the ladies who love to shop.

As more and more book stores are closing, retailers like groceries and drug stores are devoting less space to magazines, especially local ones.  You can still find the celebrity magazines (if you haven’t grown weary of celebrities and some of their behavior).  But if you’re new to town and want to know who’s who and what’s what, A LOCAL MAGAZINE IS YOUR BEST BET.

For publishers, THE TRICK IS TO GET YOUR MAGAZINE IN THE RIGHT HANDS, AS MANY AS POSSIBLE. That’s why you’ll find Atlanta Social Season at shopping malls, restaurants, doctors’ offices, fitness facilities, beauty salons and airports, in addition to the thousands that are mailed to subscribers and others and to the many volunteer organizations that are covered in the pages of the magazine. 

Many casual readers are converted to subscribers, but you can’t count on them to regularly go by a newsstand to buy it.  Some people discount free copies of a magazine, seeing them as not as “worthy.” A NICE COMBINATION OF GIVEAWAY AND PURCHASE SEEMS TO MAKE THE MOST SENSE. These days, people like to go on line, on our website, and buy a subscription for one, two or three years.  And, since our entire magazine is on line at they can see it there.  So, a combination of targeted distribution in places readers are likely to be, along with a presence on the internet and our own site gets a magazine in the right hands, whether it’s bought and paid for or picked up for free. All that matters to the advertisers is how many people see the magazine, and their ad in the magazine.