Monday, September 29, 2014

The Holidays? Already?

Everywhere you look there are Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas items out on shelves, just waiting to be purchased. I don't know about you, but I'm not ready to think about the holidays quite yet, as fall just officially began!

And while we can't stop the holidays from rushing toward us, we can keep a few things in mind to keep ourselves as healthy as possible as we navigate the most fattening time of the year.

Orangetheory Fitness has made a list (and checked it twice!) to ensure will power through the holiday season with self-control and motivation to achieve any weight loss goal.

1. Trim the trimmings - Opt out of large plates, and instead, grab a small plate to allow smaller portions! You will cut calories and avoid overindulging.

2. Happy Holidays: To Me, From Me - The holiday season brings the stress of picking out the perfect presents for loved ones- but who is always left off the list? You! Treat yourself to some sort of fitness at least three times a week, and it’ll be the best present you’ve ever received! There are a variety of membership options available (Orangetheory has a lot) – from single classes to packages to unlimited monthly memberships. Or, just get outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather!

3. Change the season, not your schedule - Welcome the holidays (when you're ready!) with an abundant amount of decorations, sparkles and joy, but don’t make your diet and exercise plan a thing of seasons past. Be sure to stick to a normal day of diet and exercise with Orangetheory Fitness instead of planning your day around a holiday party. The tendency to “save up” for a bigger meal later will cause you to overeat and rack up more calories.

4. Cheers! – With so much to celebrate around the holidays, it is easy to consume more alcohol than usual, and you’ll be surprised how easily beverage calories add up. Follow each alcoholic drink with a water or seltzer- and sip slowly! (Check out our sip and skip holiday drink list here.)

5. Make an early resolution – January’s resolution is long forgotten by the holidays, so why not make an end-of-the-year resolution to achieve by the New Year? Set attainable goals for the holiday season sure to leave your days merry and bright!