Sunday, March 24, 2013

Best Crock Pot Recipe

My family's favorite dinner recipe that I make in my Bella Dots Slow Cooker is definitely my Pot Roast with carrots and potatoes. The meat comes out tender and juicy, and it's just irresistible. Perfect for company or any night that you don't want to slave over dinner. (For me, that's any night!)

You want to start with a good sized piece of meat - the fattier cuts will produce a more flavorful, tender meat, but you can choose whichever your family prefers. This will feed a family of four, depending on how hungry your  crew is.

2lbs Chuck Roast
3 Potatoes - quartered (they stand up to the long cooking time if they are larger)
1 Onion - quartered (white or yellow is fine)
3 Carrots - chopped into large pieces
2 Celery stalks - cut same as the carrots
1 -2 splashes of Dale's sauce (available at most grocers)
2 cups water

Place meat  in the pot, sprinkle generously with pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Top with the splashes of Dale's Sauce (this has lots of salt in it, so taste before you salt). Add the potatoes, onion, carrots and celery and add the water (you want it to come about halfway up the roast) Cook on high for 4-6 hours or low for 6-8 hours. Meat should be tender and fall apart easily when finished.