Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wrap It In Beauty

 Turning a drab container into a glamorous gift presentation

Sometimes it’s not the gift so much as the presentation.  I recently discovered The Augusta Wrap Company’s designer wraps for jars and candles and vases.  They’re the newest look for giving a bottle of wine, without those fabric wine bags we’ve used for years.  
With these designer jar wraps, you just select the motif you want – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, open-the-beach-house, or any special occasion – and tie it on with the adjustable wrap that ties in the back.

I love the Christmas designs.  My favorite is the burlap base with red and green ribbon and a Christmas tree motif on the central button.  I think I’d maybe do a jar of homemade salsa, all red and green ingredients, and then use this for the finishing touch.  I can just hear the oohs and aahs now.

For Valentine’s Day, I’d use the heart motif on a jar of jellybeans or candy hearts or a vase of red and white carnations for Mom.

The beauty is you don’t have to go out and buy a bag and tissue – even though I love those pre-packaged, ready-to-purchase colorful bags and tissue at Walgreen’s – you can keep a supply of these designer wraps around the house and be ready to whip up an impressive gift of even store-bought fudge when an unexpected guest drops by. How sweet is that!

And that’s a wrap!