Tuesday, December 4, 2012

U.S. Holocaust Museum Nears Milestone

Generosity of Atlantans Celebrated as U.S. Holocaust Museum Nears Milestone
—Shandra Hill Smith

As it approaches a milestone, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum recognizes the role and support of the Atlanta community that helped to make the museum a reality. The museum will mark its 20th anniversary in April, and took time to honor those from the Atlanta area — 25 local families, foundations and companies — for their generosity during a tribute dinner at the Georgia Aquarium. The theme of the dinner was “Impacting Our World: What You Do Matters.” Donor support is recognized in perpetuity on the Donors Wall at the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

Dr. James W. Wagner, Angie Macuga, Arthur Blank and Valerie and Bud Peterson
Atlanta benefactors are Bernie and Billi Marcus, Charles S. Ackerman and The Coca-Cola Company.

Donors contributed $50,000 or more to the museum over a 20-year period.

Buckhead residents Michael Coles and his wife Donna are among the donors. The co-founder of the Great American Cookie Company, Inc., which he’s since sold, and executive chairman and president of Global Onboard Partners, Coles says they gave $50,000 at the start of the museum project. In total, the pair has given around $70,000, in honor of his mother, Lena Altfeder, and her parents. Coles says the three managed to escape Poland before the Holocaust while other family members perished. The permanent engraving on the wall includes the Altfeder name.

“I think that all people should try to visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington,” says Coles, “to have a deeper understanding of this tragedy and the murder of six million people.”

Sara Bloomfield, Javier Goizueta and Mona Diamond
 The following list includes the names of Atlanta donors who have contributed $50,000 or more to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum over the past 20 years. Their recognition includes a permanent engraving on the Museum’s Donor Wall. Information appearing in parentheses reflects the engravings for those that donors have chosen to honor.
Linda and Gil Bachman
Barbara B. and Ronald D. Balser
BellSouth Corporation
Arthur M. Blank and Family
Ron, Lisa, Matt and Jonathan Brill
Michael and Donna Coles (The Altfeder Family)

Alfred Davis, Jay & Ann Davis, Jerry & Dulcy Rosenberg
Dr. Marcus Fechheimer
Evan and Beth Fishman
Marie and Jim Gilbert
Sharon Gridley and Melissa Patrick (Gridley-Patrick Family)
Ira C. Herbert and Family
Roger F. Kahn, Jan K. Coleman & Children
Max L. Kuniansky Family
Sally and Jeffrey Levine
Peter J. Mallen & Family
Morris Family Foundation
Barbara and Sanford Orkin (For Those Who Perished)
James N. Paradies (Family of Sara and I.J. Paradies)
Zippi and Paul Reisman
Steve and Linda Selig, Cathy Selig and Families
Larry and Bobbi Sheron (Bernard Birnbaum “My Sweet Dear Bernard”)
Kerri and Jeffrey Snow (In Honor of the Snow and Price Families)
The Robert W. Woodruff Foundation
            The Merrill D. Wynne and Sheila Wynne Family
Students from Morehouse College pose with Sara Bloomfield, director of
the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, during a tribute dinner by
the museum in honor of the generosity of the Atlanta community toward
the museum’s development.