Friday, July 29, 2011

Stuck with Mr. Wrong?

Stuck With Mr. Wrong?

Expert Reveals How Life Can Imitate Art In Relationships


Amy Beth O’Brien’s friends think she watches a few too many movies, but she just may be on to something.

In her book Stuck with Mr. Wrong? Ten Steps to Starring in your own Life Story (, O’Brien shares her secret to avoiding bad relationships by looking at life from an audience’s perspective.

“Everyone loves the movies,” said O’Brien. “We get to lose ourselves in a story and live vicariously through the main character.  I encourage women to be the main character in their own life story by stepping into their starring role as leading lady and stop playing extra or best supporting actress to someone else.”

Her lessons are taught through movie analogies that help women take control of their lives, and help them avoid the mistakes that often lead to good women putting up with bad male behavior. Her tips include:

  • Embrace  Your Inner Screenwriter – Every  woman has some version of the story they want to live. We can write our script  based on fears of what would happen if we made any changes or out of faith  that taking control of our lives, and being our most authentic selves, is the  best story we could ever write.  
  • Listen  to Your Director – While the  screenwriter spins the yarn, the director delivers the vision to guide the  story. When the players are acting out of character, or the story seems to  take a wrong turn, the director guides us to make the best choices to put us  back on track. Listening to your director means understanding that our  intuition is our best friend and guide.  
  • Become  the Star – If we looked at our  life as a movie, would we see ourselves as the leading role in our own movie,  or an extra or supporting player in the lives of those around us? We all have  family and friends we support, and for whom we make sacrifices. How much of  our time is spent on those responsibilities and obligations, and how much is  dedicated to living the scripts of our own lives? Many of us live with the  guilt-ridden thesis that if we spend time on our own goals, we are somehow  neglecting others. That’s patently false and we need to ensure that we don’t  spend our lives playing roles in other people’s movies, to the extent that  we’re unable to star in our own.
“Your dreams, values, passions and creativity are meant to be expressed,” O’Brien added. “Relationships may challenge us, but they should never turn us into people we are not, suppress our talents, or squelch our dreams and desires.  I encourage women to stop acting — to stop conforming to another person’s tastes, keeping silent when they have something to say, compromising their spirit, or staying in a bad situation out of fear.  Move forward with faith toward the life of your dreams.”
About Amy O’Brien
Amy O’Brien holds a BA in Speech Communications and a Master’s in Training and Development. She is also certified as a mind/body yoga teacher and speaker. Stuck with Mr. Wrong? Ten Steps to Starring in your own Life Story, in addition to winning the National Indie Excellence Finalist Award in Self Help, also recently won two international book awards.