Tuesday, February 8, 2011


3,000 Pairs of New Children’s Shoes to be Given Away

March 5, 11 am to 2 pm

While Atlanta-based Caring For Others has worked toward homelessness prevention for years, this spring, the non-profit organization will take action against shoelessness when it hosts No Bare Soles Shoe Distribution. Giving away 3,000 pairs of new children’s athletic shoes in just three hours, Caring For Others recognizes that keeping growing feet soled can be a huge challenge for struggling parents.

With 3,000 pairs of socks and name brand tennis shoes to allocate, Caring For Others has been hard at work distributing vouchers to its clients – families the organization serves – who must pre-register and can pick up the shoes during the distribution on March 5. Since the organization exists for the purpose of helping those without the basic necessities live with dignity, the shoe event fits in perfectly with the Caring For Others mission. During one year, the average family spends $1,680 on clothing and shoes. By providing necessary tennis shoes, Caring For Others can help take a sizable bite out of that expense.

“Our clients are usually struggling just to keep a roof over their heads and maintain their families,” says Caring For Others President and CEO Eslene Richmond-Shockley. “When someone has to choose between paying the electric bill and buying new shoes for their children, the bills usually have to come first.” Of course, new shoes can provide psychological benefits as well when children can be proud of rather than embarrassed by their footwear.

The giveaway will have a huge impact in the local community. In fact, the retail value of the shoes that will be given out during No Bare Soles Shoe Distribution is about $135,000. As with all of the items that Caring For Others is able to distribute to its clients, the shoes have been donated (although the corporation to thank for the donation has chosen to remain anonymous). Recently, help like this has become more necessary than ever before.

“We’ve been sad to see the number of incoming requests for assistance growing significantly during the last two to three years,” says Richmond-Shockley, although she is not surprised. As a small non-profit organization, Caring For Others is run by an almost all-volunteer staff that answers requests from up to 35 individuals each day. Throughout the year, Caring For Others also offers the Community Holiday Program, Emergency Financial Assistance, Food Assistance, Life Skills Training, the New Clothing and Furniture Bank, Senior Citizen/Disabled Supplementary Assistance, Utility Assistance and the Return to Work Program. Every day, Caring For Others strives to help keep struggling families from becoming homeless families.

ABOUT Caring For Others, Inc.

Caring For Others, Inc. (CFO) (501c3) is a homelessness prevention organization established in November 2001 to facilitate personal dignity and provide basic necessities to economically disadvantaged individuals, senior citizens, the disabled, the unemployed and families with children.

Caring For Others, Inc. offers an advanced model for homelessness prevention that strives to support those on the brink of homelessness and end the cycle before it begins. The organization seeks to maintain dignity and consistency in the live of its clients, to renew their hope and restore their strength by moving beyond simply meeting the basic human needs of food and clothing. Staff and volunteers provide personal and financial support during turbulent times including the use of individual counseling, money management training, job retention and job placement services.

To serve the community and fulfill this mission, the organization depends critically on the charitable giving of others. Caring For Others seeks progressive solutions across the entirety of its platform including developing a unique and more sustainable business model with “CareMart.” The CareMart store generates income through the sale of discounted items such as new furniture, clothing and other household goods.

Caring For Others is located at 3537 Browns Mill Road, Suite 2, Atlanta, Georgia 30354 and can be reached at 404-761-0133 or 404-768-2798.